Secure the present. Prepare for the future.

BG Insurance provides you with unbiased, compassionate and informative insurance services.

“Hi, I’m Brett Gorenstein, an experienced insurance broker. My job isn’t to make you spend money unnecessarily. I provide customized insurance protection that will proactively manage life’s unexpected difficulties. Take some time to review plans that provide you with the assurance you need to ensure you’ll be okay today and tomorrow.”

About BG Insurance

BG Insurance is a Toronto-based insurance brokerage. Our goal is to inspire you to think, evolve and adapt to every situation life hands you. Brett’s passion and desire is to help clients achieve peace-of-mind through insurance policies that are simple, strategic and offer unbeatable security today and tomorrow.

A client-first approach, founded on compassion, information and an unbiased vision. It’s what makes Brett a leading and trusted insurance broker. Insurance isn’t an obligation, it’s a privilege, to help clients obtain it.

Why is insurance important?

  • Protects you during tough times
  • Helps to manage risks & create a safety net
  • Creates peace-of-mind
  • Reduces expenses in the long-run
  • Offers financial security

Insurance Solutions
YOU need:

  • Life
  • Disability
  • Group Benefits
  • Critical Illness
  • Tax Planning
  • Corporate Estate Transfers

BG Insurance

  • To ensure PROTECTION when you need it most.
  • To help GAIN a financial & personal safety net.
  • To BUILD trust with clients through an unprecedented level of expertise, professionalism & understanding so clients can make confident decisions on the right & the best insurance solutions.